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Rubble Master V550 GO!

Mobile Rotor Impact Crusher

The RM V550GO! combines the technology of cone and rotor type crushers with the advantages of the RM GO! principle to achieve an unsurpassable level of pulverisation and maximum flexibility. The machine can be equipped with proven RM modules at any time. By the use of a mounted RM MS100GO! and the compact RM CS4800 screen 3 defined particle sizes can be produced and the oversize material is fed back into the crusher. This creates a compact, fully mobile but powerful sand and gravel plant.

RMV550GO! Crusher Accessories
MS100GO! Mesh Screen
??? Oversized Screen
CS4800 Post-Screen
RFB V550GO! Refeeding Belt
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Product Highlights

RM V550GO belt feeder and hopper

Belt feeder with feeding hopper: The low loading edge and the feeding hopper volume of 5.5 m3 support the feeding process. The variable speed of the belt feeder gives you maximum throughput performance.

RM V550GO safe service

Safe ground-based service: The engine which is mounted beneath the vibro feeder can be accessed from three sides and thus enables you to carry out maintenance and servicing safely and efficiently from the ground.

RM V550GO drive

Innovative drive concept: Thanks to the typical RM drive concept fuel consumption is kept very low, thus reducing running costs.

RM V550GO metal detector

Metal detector: The efficient metal detector prevents metal from going into the crushing chamber.

RM V550GO automatic discharge

Automatic discharge: If any metal is detected in the feeding material it is discharged automatically via the bypass chute. It is not necessary to interrupt the process to search for the metal by hand.

RM V550GO crusher

Crusher: The high-end crushing technology of the RM V550GO! ensures optimum results for a wide range of applications.

RM V550GO discharge conveyor

Discharge conveyor: The discharge belt stands out through high reliability and a long service life. Servicing jobs such as removal, replacement or adjustments are carried out easily and quickly. The maximum discharge height of 3,340 mm adds to the efficient operation of the machine.

RM 100GO mesh deck screen

RM MS100GO! mesh deck screen: The RM MS100GO! is mounted on the RM V550GO! using a subframe and stands out through high precision when separating the screened materials. This means that you can produce high-quality building materials. Typical applications can be found in the natural rock industry.

RM V550GO refeeding belt

RM RFBV550GO! refeeding belt: The optional RM RFB550GO! refeeding belt sends the oversize material back into the vibro feeder and returns it to the crusher. This saves additional working steps and increases productivity as a result.

RM V550GO mobility

100% mobility: The transport as well the start up and dismounting are fast and easy. The machine is ready for operation on the job site within minutes.

RM CS4800 screen

RM CS4800 Screen: Adding an RM CS4800 screen makes a compact and powerful sand and gravel plant for 3 defined fractions.


Technical Specifications

Rubble Master RM V550GO! Crusher — Mobile Rotor Impact Crusher
Output Up to 200 t/h, depending on material
Feed material Natural stone — hard stone can be fed without any restriction if you observe the maximum feeding size; any metal has to be removed without exception
Feed material size Edge length max. 400 mm
Inlet opening 950 x 480 mm
Crusher unit crusher with 2+2 or 4 hammers, rotor speed adjustable between 39.5–48 m/s, depending on the feeding material and the required end fraction
Operation One operator using radio control for crushing and maneuvering operations
Radio control Feeding belt start / stop

Main discharge conveyor start / stop

Machine stop

Activate crawler unit

Crawler control via joysticks

2 crawler speeds

Radio control on / off and horn
Feeding unit 5.5 m3 belt feeder with 11 kW gearbox motor

Loading height 3,500 mm, effective feeding length and width: 2,900 x 3,500 mm

Variable belt speed

Integrated metal detector to protect the crusher from undesired metal feed
Main discharge belt Folding conveyor 1,000 mm wide, folds into transport position hydraulically

Discharge height 3,350 mm
Power unit John Deere Diesel engine, 6-cylinder, 280 kW at 2,000 rpm, 3-phase synchronous generator 80kVA 400 V, electrical outlets 230 V and 400 V for external drives up to 15kVA
Transport system Crawler gear, 2 speeds
Weight 33,000 kg
End product Cubic material, grading curve and size of end-fraction adjustable, high sand and gravel value
Options Dust suppression using water spray inside crusher and at outlet and belts

Diesel filling pump

Cable remote control

Central lubrication system
Add-on equipment RM MS100GO! mobile single-deck screenbox, screen area 2.8 x 1.3 m with two belts, weight 2,800 kg, for precise screen separation

RM RFBV550GO! oversize material refeeding belt for closed material loop, transport on RM V550GO!, weight 1,400 kg


Show in millimeters (mm). Specifications subject to change in line with technical developments.

RM V550GO! crusher dimensions
1, 2, 3, GO!

1, 2, 3, GO! — Benefit From The Word Go

Mobility, flexibility, easy maintenance and clear operating steps make the high-performance crusher unique. The RM V550GO! shows you your benefits reliably day after day: earning money — with top performance.

Easy transportation Easy transportation

The transportation and also the loading and unloading of the RM V550GO! work quickly and uncomplicatedly — so you are ready to work even faster.

Safe ground-based service Ground based service

The engine which is mounted beneath the vibro feeder can be accessed from three sides and thus enables you to carry out maintenance and servicing safely and efficiently from the ground.

Strong in every environment Strong environment

The high-performance crusher stands out through high flexibility — even if space is limited — wherever it is used.

GO! Push button control

Simply push the button and away you go — the innovative GO! principle means you benefit directly and quickly. And, thanks to the standard remote control, you can operate all relevant functions on the machine — so you save both time and money.